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Blu nu, visitor! The Earthbound is a guild focused on socialization, team work, communication, and community building (in no particular order), currently on the Dragonmaw server of World of Warcraft and starting up in Rift on Reclaimer (Defiant). 
In game initiates: you are not members yet. When you sign up for the site, you're asked to fill out an application to become a full member, but we ask you to simply hit the "back" button and leave the application alone until you have a sponsor. This application is not a joke- if you want full membership, you will need to correctly fill out the application, especially noting questions that ask you about guild functions, or we will make fun of you and fail the application. Applications go to a forum viewable by all current members to be reviewed or taunted depending on how much effort put forth by the applicant. While your application may pass, you still need a sponsor to become a full member. You need both a passing application and sponsor to become a full member.

Head to our main site:

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Denngar, Apr 14, 11 11:32 PM.
Blu collars! Make sure that you've read the "6 months!" post in the general blu collar discussion forum. This site won't be along for much longer ;P

WoW Insider's Guild of the Month for February 2011

Denngar, Mar 10, 11 8:18 PM.

WoW Insider's Guild of the Month contest winner is not the biggest, baddest guild out there (but progression has helped some guilds win), but the most unique. The very first comment we have from a random user points out both our guild structure and our brand of humor, and Robin Torres (the writer) even showed off our guild mascot and guild theme.

This is why we're having the art contest. You, the members, have helped make this guild what it is. Winning the contest gave us $100 for swag. The officers you've elected have been doing a fantastic job, so they'll get something out of it, but the rest of you have other talents as well, and I'd like to reward at least one of you for showing it off, so head over to the Nu Media thread and see if you can win a little something for your hard work ;)

Also, Kaliy's gone nuts and is looking for a real world guild meet. Check Blu Collar forums for details!

Mini-update: Guild Art Contest

Denngar, Mar 9, 11 11:54 AM.
Guild Art Contest! Details in the Nu Media forum, but reason for it will be coming soon ;)

Oh, and late update: 

Rift Guild Branch Launched!

Denngar, Mar 1, 11 4:41 AM.
Forums updated for Blu Collars, including the Rift branch's structure, game guides, crafting organization, and more!

Thanks to Kanaa for the forum signature!

Finally, the guild leader and one of our server recruits (an alpha tester) got some bragging rights:

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